His Shirt
Deborah Holt

SIZE 36" × 36"
YEAR 2016
MEDIUM Mixed Media on Canvas

DEBORAH HOLT is available for private commissions to create the perfect original piece for your decor.



About the Artist

Deborah Holt has developed a unique process for transferring a garment to canvas, combining the essence of a painting with sculptural features. Using this process, she has transferred such pieces as wedding dresses, vintage lingerie, and christening gowns. Deborah works in a neutral, monochromatic palette. This enhances the sculptural elements of the work, and highlights the intricate design elements of each garment.

Working with garments that are treasured for their sentimental value, as well as for their beautiful construction and design, Deborah has been able to offer an option to those who want to preserve a special garment and transform it into a piece of art that can be viewed and enjoyed for many years.

Deborah Holt lives in Jackson, Mississippi.