Sidnea D'Amico

Sidnea D'Amico's art is a form of visual storytelling that imbues movement, line, and color while straddling the boundary between abstract and representational imagery. Inspired by both the energy of a bustling city environment and the more quiet moments of domesticity, in her Still Life Series you can see these reflected in the suggestion of cityscapes and household objects. D'Amico manipulates these shapes by covering them within several layers of paint before scratching and using transparency on the surface to quietly reveal their existence or simply to give them a recognizable presence. 

D'Amico's works have been included in Art Fairs in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Greece, in group exhibitions around California, such as: SFMoMA Artists Gallery, Mission Cultural Center and Institute of Contemporary Art, and shown internationally in Italy, Dubai, Greece, Romania, Germany and Serbia. Her works are placed in an extensive number of private and public collections throughout the United States.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, D'Amico lives and works in San Francisco, California.