High Line
Ariel Gold

SIZE 24" × 36"
YEAR 2015
MEDIUM Acrylic on Canvas

ARIEL GOLD is available for private commissions to create the perfect original piece for your decor.


Inspired after a trip to New York for a show. We stayed at the Standard High Line hotel and I couldn’t get over the feel of the area. It was so vibrant with movement without feeling busy. The area pulsated, buildings climbed on each other, taxis zoomed barely paying attention to lane lines, people laughed and yelled and walked briskly without seeming rushed. This was life and I loved every moment.
— Ariel Gold

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About the Artist

Ariel Gold (b. 1985) is inspired by natural landscapes and the energy and light contained within each place. In each non-representational abstract, Gold layers the paint so that it catches the light differently throughout the day allowing the piece to transform based on the angle it is viewed. Heavy texture and color add compositional depth to entice the viewer to approach her pieces in an attempt to discover how the piece was made and the colors that lie underneath. Originally from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan now living in San Francisco, California, Gold has exhibited nationally and has been featured in various publications.